Sunday, March 27, 2011

mini haul

I went shopping a while back and waited to write about them so I can get a feel if the product worked/ didn't work etc. hope you enjoy it !!

I already lost these. Guess they weren't so memorable !!

This is what the liquid eye liner looks like... The color is amazing and it really does stay on all day long !! I'ts even a pain trying to take it off at night but for someone who is so used to pencils, this brush and dipping it into the gel takes A LOT of time and q-tips correcting my errors. I do notttt think this is worth it unless you absolutely know how to use these brushes and have the time. I also stopped using this already

I heard great things about this product and how it removes the circles under your eyes. There are two versions of this the one that comes with a little tint (this one) and one with no tint. I do not recommend the version with the tint especially if you are thinking about using this for night time. I bought the non-tint version as well and I love how it glides on and it actually works !

I just bought this product yesterday! Thanks to Maria ! Hi Maria =]

I loveeeee how my hair looks when its curly. This is right after  I curled it sorry for the flyaways ! 

We all know how I feel about my photogenic-ness ! I dislike this picture but oh well thats what I wore =]


  1. i LOVE liquid eyeliner. isnt it the best. the only pencil eyeliner that compares is the makeup forever one. and don't get me STARTED about bobby pins! great post. you should do this more often so we know if these things actually work

  2. I use the maybeline gel liner its quite worth it for the price and Omg i have been wanting to try the clinique lotion how is it?
    Great blog hun I really like it. Maybe we can follow eachother?
    from your latest follower =)

  3. love your hair and you look pretty!
    Neat post

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  4. I have the eyeliner, the eye cream and the clinic lotion as well and I really enjoy them. Hope you'll like them too!

  5. I love that gel liner. The application was so easy, I was super surprised.

  6. Sweetie I`m watching your blog for a while! Maybe you wanna follow each other? just announce me :X