Sunday, January 30, 2011

So I really haven't been updating as much as I promised myself I would be doing, so I decided to make that promise AGAIN ! Second time is a charm right? =] Anyways, I've been really busy with school and work and Oh, trying to sleep. Yup, I have to take sleeping pills even though my days are long and tiring! What kind of exhausted 20 yr old cant sleep ?!?!

I need to start shopping again I look like I could be from the stone ages in the rags I wear nowadays ! Saving money is NOT easy as everyone may know but my March I plan to have a whole new wardrobe again =]


  1. Hi, thank you for the comment on my blog :) I thought I'd comment here because I cannot seem to find another way to contact you! I wouldn't say my blog is 'out there' or well known and there isn't any specific way to do so. You just have to keep on posting and talk/comment to other bloggers. Basically, be a part of the community, this is how you make friends and become quite well known. Your followers will slowly increase :) I hope that helps and if you want to ask anything else, don't hesitate :) x

  2. Thank you so much for the advice :) . And yes I do think your blog is out there it gives a lot of great advice and you don't seem stand offish which is what I really love about your blog ! Ill try my best to get my blog out there and thank you for following me you are my first follower !